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The Village of Glen Ellyn is pleased to announce that the construction of the Taylor Avenue Pedestrian Tunnel project is anticipated to begin on August 13th, 2018.


About The Project

The project, located on the east side of Taylor Avenue at the existing underpass of the Union Pacific Railroad West Line, will create a grade-separated pedestrian crossing of the railroad to provide safer and enhanced bicycle and pedestrian accommodations. Additionally, it will improve vehicular maneuverability through the existing underpass by removing the sidewalk and maximizing the roadway width. This element is particularly relevant for access of public safety vehicles.

December 8th Update

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Recently Completed work

Retaining Walls

The permanent retaining wall was installed in two phases, the cast-in-place headwalls that surround the tunnel and the pre-cast sections that flank both sides of the tunnel.  Once the walls were in place on both sides of the railroad, the space between the temporary sheeting and permanent walls was backfilled.


Temporary Retaining Wall Removal

The sheeting that was installed to stabilize the railroad embankment during the tunneling process is now able to be removed with the permanent wall and backfill being in place.  Similar to when the sheets were installed, ComEd dropped the overhead power lines south of the railroad to allow the crane to reach the sheeting. Sheeting removal was successful and the contractor is currently loading out the sheeting materials and equipment to make room for upcoming work.


Current and upcoming work

As of this past week, pavement and sidewalk has been removed from the north side of the railroad. Removals for the south side and grading for the new pavement and bike path will start this upcoming week.

Installation of the roadway and bike path will be in the weeks to come.




Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Joseph A. Franek, PE | Construction Representative

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November 12th Update

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Successful Tunnel Bore Operation

1:00 AM, Sunday Morning- Broke Through

On Friday, November 2nd, the tunneling operation started its continuous journey from the north side of the railroad tracks to the south side. At about 1:00 AM on Sunday morning, the tunneling machine broke through to the south end.


Upcoming Work


The contractor will continue welding the pipe sections together to make a smooth surface on the inside of the tunnel.

Permanent Retaining Wall

Work has begun to form up and pour the cast-in-place headwalls on either end of the tunnel. From here, the remaining pre-cast wall sections can be added on either side of the tunnel to form the permanent retaining wall system.

Scheduled Utility Outage

Just as when the temporary retaining wall was installed, the overhead ComEd lines south of the railroad will need to be dropped. The temporary removal of the wires will make room for the crane that is needed for the work. This work is planned for early December and intends to not interrupt any electrical services.


Below are some additional photos and a video of the tunnel operations.

Tunnel bore operation, looking south


Inside view of tunnel bore


Video of tunnel break through


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Joseph A. Franek, PE | Construction Representative

Alfred Benesch & Company  |  526 Crescent Boulevard, Suite 326, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
P 630-547-2935  |  F 312-565-2497  |  C 312-720-0022  |  E  |  W

10/24/2018 Glen Ellyn Public Works Department Information Letter

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Taylor Underpass.Information Letter No.3

10/16/2018 Glen Ellyn Public Works Department Information Letter

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October 4th Update

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Looking north from The Prairie Path



Recently Completed Work

Railroad Reinforcement

In order to stabilize the railroad embankment while boring the tunnel, steel sheeting has been driven into the ground on the north and south side of the tracks. From there, additional bracing has been attached to hold the two rows of sheets together for when the contractor starts to remove the outer portions of the railroad embankment.


Current and Upcoming Work

Railroad Embankment Removal

After installing the reinforcement system, work is primarily focused on digging out and removing the excess soil from both sides of the tracks.

Grout Injection

Once the embankment has been removed, the contractor will be able to bore tubes through the railroad embankment for the grout injection. The injected grout will fill any tiny cracks or voids in the soil beneath the tracks. This will significantly stabilize the soil and help prevent movement of the tracks during the tunnel boring process.

Jack Pit

The tunnel boring process will begin on the north side of the tracks and end on the south side. In order to give the boring machines room to operate, the contractor will dig a jack pit on the north side of the tracks. This will provide a level and stable base from where the boring operation will be staged. Starting mid-month, a pit will be dug and a concrete pad will poured to provide the staging area.

Looking north from The Prairie Path

Looking south from north of the tracks

September 24th Update

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Recently completed work

Road Closure

On August 13th, Taylor Avenue at the Union Pacific Railroad bridge was closed and the detour was set into place. Along with the closure, a chain-link fence was erected to provide the workers and local residence an increased level of safety during construction.

Tree Removal

All trees and brush was removed from around the railroad to provide a room for the upcoming tunnel and path.

South Reinforcement Sheeting

Successful coordination with ComEd resulted in temporarily dropping the overhead power lines south of the rail road. This gave the contractor a narrow window to install temporary sheeting along the south tracks to stabilize the railroad embankment for the upcoming tunnel boring.

Current and Upcoming Work

North Reinforcement Sheeting

Currently working on installing the north portion of sheeting to stabilize the railroad embankment for the upcoming tunnel boring.

Additional Railroad Embankment Reinforcement

Once the north side is complete, the contractor will begin excavating the soil outside of the newly installed sheeting. This will enable the installation of the final railroad embankment reinforcement measures to ensure stable conditions for the upcoming work.

Join us for a Public Open House – August 23, 2018

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A Public Meeting is scheduled for August 23rd at 7 pm at the Glen Ellyn Police Department Building, Community Room located at 65 S Park Boulevard. We look forward to conducting the meeting and hope you can attend. Please contact Tom Topor, PE with any concerns, insights and suggestions at or by phone at 630-547-5520. The Village and contractor are committed to keeping the lines of communication open and to having a successful and safe project.


Public Meeting – Project Review and Construction Kick-Off
Thursday, August 23, 2018 – 7:00 to 8:30 PM
Glen Ellyn Police Department Building
65 S Park Blvd, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Community Room 

Resident Engineer:

Joe Franek, PE
Alfred Benesch & Company
P: 312-565-0450

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