October 4th Update

Looking north from The Prairie Path



Recently Completed Work

Railroad Reinforcement

In order to stabilize the railroad embankment while boring the tunnel, steel sheeting has been driven into the ground on the north and south side of the tracks. From there, additional bracing has been attached to hold the two rows of sheets together for when the contractor starts to remove the outer portions of the railroad embankment.


Current and Upcoming Work

Railroad Embankment Removal

After installing the reinforcement system, work is primarily focused on digging out and removing the excess soil from both sides of the tracks.

Grout Injection

Once the embankment has been removed, the contractor will be able to bore tubes through the railroad embankment for the grout injection. The injected grout will fill any tiny cracks or voids in the soil beneath the tracks. This will significantly stabilize the soil and help prevent movement of the tracks during the tunnel boring process.

Jack Pit

The tunnel boring process will begin on the north side of the tracks and end on the south side. In order to give the boring machines room to operate, the contractor will dig a jack pit on the north side of the tracks. This will provide a level and stable base from where the boring operation will be staged. Starting mid-month, a pit will be dug and a concrete pad will poured to provide the staging area.

Looking north from The Prairie Path

Looking south from north of the tracks