November 12th Update

Successful Tunnel Bore Operation

1:00 AM, Sunday Morning- Broke Through

On Friday, November 2nd, the tunneling operation started its continuous journey from the north side of the railroad tracks to the south side. At about 1:00 AM on Sunday morning, the tunneling machine broke through to the south end.


Upcoming Work


The contractor will continue welding the pipe sections together to make a smooth surface on the inside of the tunnel.

Permanent Retaining Wall

Work has begun to form up and pour the cast-in-place headwalls on either end of the tunnel. From here, the remaining pre-cast wall sections can be added on either side of the tunnel to form the permanent retaining wall system.

Scheduled Utility Outage

Just as when the temporary retaining wall was installed, the overhead ComEd lines south of the railroad will need to be dropped. The temporary removal of the wires will make room for the crane that is needed for the work. This work is planned for early December and intends to not interrupt any electrical services.


Below are some additional photos and a video of the tunnel operations.

Tunnel bore operation, looking south


Inside view of tunnel bore


Video of tunnel break through


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