December 8th Update


Recently Completed work

Retaining Walls

The permanent retaining wall was installed in two phases, the cast-in-place headwalls that surround the tunnel and the pre-cast sections that flank both sides of the tunnel.  Once the walls were in place on both sides of the railroad, the space between the temporary sheeting and permanent walls was backfilled.


Temporary Retaining Wall Removal

The sheeting that was installed to stabilize the railroad embankment during the tunneling process is now able to be removed with the permanent wall and backfill being in place.  Similar to when the sheets were installed, ComEd dropped the overhead power lines south of the railroad to allow the crane to reach the sheeting. Sheeting removal was successful and the contractor is currently loading out the sheeting materials and equipment to make room for upcoming work.


Current and upcoming work

As of this past week, pavement and sidewalk has been removed from the north side of the railroad. Removals for the south side and grading for the new pavement and bike path will start this upcoming week.

Installation of the roadway and bike path will be in the weeks to come.




Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


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